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Proper Training is Essential

From years of experience in breath alcohol testing, we know that just providing testers is not enough. The proper instrument training is imperative for a successful testing program. Our factory-authorized network of representatives offer complete operator and Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) training programs. We developed the first independent BAT testing curriculum to be approved for Department of Transportation mandated testing. At CMI, the sale of a breath alcohol tester is the beginning—not the end—of a partnership. We’re renowned in the breath alcohol testing industry for top notch training. Ask any of our customers.

DOT-related testing or other work-related alcohol testing programs

Department of Transportation related alcohol testing programs require breath test instrument operators to attend a set amount of training. When trained, operators are called Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs). It is strongly recommended that non-regulated companies that institute breath alcohol testing program also implement these training programs for testing personnel.

We offer our customers three types of training programs, all of which have been approved by the Department of Transportation:

Expert Witness Testimony

Hand-in-hand with CMI’s training program is our expert witness testimony policy. When necessary, CMI will provide expert witness testimony for our customers who have attended the Comprehensive Breath Alcohol Technician Training Course or the Breath Alcohol Technician Instructor Course. CMI resources include CMI personnel (engineering and service) as well as our network of contacts within the breath alcohol testing industry.

Intoxilyzer® 5000 40-hour maintenance training course (Law Enforcement agencies only)

CMI offers a 40-hour training course that covers the complete operations and maintenance of the Intoxilyzer® 5000. This class is held at our Owensboro, Kentucky facility and is designed for operators, technicians or criminalists.

This class is for the beginner or experienced person. Topics covered include pharmacology, toxicology of alcohol, theory of infrared spectrometry, legal aspects of the 5000, push button operations, and basic maintenance and repair. Students will gain hands-on training and troubleshooting techniques. Upon completion of this course, CMI certifies the individual to operate and perform basic maintenance and repair of the Intoxilyzer® 5000. Each student should bring a digital volt meter to class.

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