The AlcoBlow® handheld breath alcohol tester is an efficient and easy way to quickly gauge whether a person has consumed alcohol. The instrument uses a fuel cell detector which is the industry standard for law enforcement worldwide and offers many advantages over low-cost semi-conductor sensors used in consumer-grade products.

The AlcoBlow® is the perfect screener to test for alcohol use in a zero tolerance situation. It can be used in many testing situations, including:

  • Students during school or special events
  • Inmates in correctional facilities
  • Work release program participants
  • Drivers at traffic roadblocks

  • Fuel cell sensor reacts only to alcohol
  • No warm-up time, always ready to use
  • Fast, easy testing sequence
  • Quick instrument recovery time allows for testing to be done on several people within a short time
  • Two modes of operation – Active and Passive – to fit any testing situation
  • No mouthpieces needed
  • No regular calibration checks or calibration adjustments needed
  • Low power needs means extended battery life

Electrochemical fuel cell

Two modes: Active and Passive

Response Time
Approximately three seconds from sampling

Result Display Time
3-5 seconds, depending on alcohol level

Reset Time
Two seconds at zero alcohol reading, less than 20 seconds at readings > .200% BAC

10½” long x 1.9” at the widest point (265 mm long x 48 mm)

10½ oz. with batteries (300 grams)

Power Supply
Four “AA” batteries (included) provide about 2,500 tests

Recommended Operating Temperature
32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)

Audible Function
Indicates a status change

Not more than once per year


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AlcoBlow from CMI, Inc

Demonstrational video for the AlcoBlow zero tolerance breath alcohol screener from CMI, Inc.