CMI has been a trusted source for breath testing instruments used in the screening and confirmation testing of employees in both DOT regulated and non-regulated industries for more than 30 years. In addition to providing the highest quality breath testing instruments available, we provide comprehensive training for setting up and administering alcohol-testing programs in the workplace.

Desktop Instruments

Intoxilyzer 9000Intoxilyzer 9000The Intoxilyzer® 9000 features a color touch screen which provides the operator with necessary information during the testing process.

Handheld Testers

Intoxilyzer 800Intoxilyzer 800The Intoxilyzer 800 utilizes the industry’s only safe and sanitary side exhaust system minimizing the operator’s exposure to exhaled breath.
Intoxilyzer 240Intoxilyzer 240/240DIntoxilyzer 240/240D handheld breath testers have been developed for DOT and non-DOT employee testing applications.
AlcoBlowAlcoBlowAlcoBlow handheld breath testers provide a simple and effective way to detect alcohol consumption for zero tolerance situations. The AlcoBlow can also detect the presence of alcohol in a beverage.