workplace alcohol testingCMI is the trusted source for breath testing instruments used in the screening and confirmation testing of employees in both DOT regulated and non-regulated industries. In addition to providing the highest quality breath testing instruments available, we provide comprehensive training for setting up and administering alcohol-testing programs in the workplace.

Liability issues, insurance premiums and workers’ compensation costs are motivating even non-regulated companies to implement breath alcohol testing programs as a line of defense against substance abuse related issues. Alcohol abuse is the cause of a host of costly workplace problems including:

  • Industrial fatalities – 40% of all fatalities are alcohol rated
  • Employee productivity – 30-35% lower in employees with alcohol abuse problems
  • Company health care costs – alcohol accounts for 20% of total healthcare costs

When employed as part of a comprehensive substance abuse program, using non-invasive breath testing instruments to perform alcohol testing on employees makes good economic sense. The Intoxilyzer® line is your choice for pre-employment, post-accident, random, and any other type of workplace breath alcohol testing.