alcohol testing in militaryThe reckless use of alcohol or alcohol abuse problems in the military can put missions in peril, jeopardize careers, and put lives at risk. Military professionals in the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard rely on Intoxilyzer breath alcohol testing instruments to monitor alcohol usage among personnel to avoid health issues and safety risks.

Intoxilyzer handheld breath alcohol testers offer military administrators excellent performance and reliability, with the advantage of CMI’s leading-edge fuel cell technology. Intoxilyzer breath testers are the trusted choice of the military for accuracy, reliability, and ruggedness.

Intoxilyzer® evidential infrared spectrometry breath alcohol instruments are an ideal choice for military administrative alcohol testing situations that require documentation. Intoxilyzer breath testers can be interfaced with a laptop and printer for reliable recorded evidence collection.

Along with our unsurpassed line of breath testing instruments, we provide military agencies with a complete selection of supply items, instrument training, and unsurpassed customer support.