The I-240/240D is CMI’s top of the line portable EBT device. The 240/240D is housed in a state of the art case and is paired to both a Bluetooth thermal printer and a compact folding keyboard, allowing the BAT to enter donor and BAT information that will be displayed on the result strip. The I-240 can also be configured so it automatically counts down the 15-minute wait between the screening test and confirmation test, if one is required.

PLUS, you no longer need to worry about calculating the corrected value for calibration gas when conducting accuracy checks and calibration adjustments – the I-240 automatically calculates it for you during the process. DOT, NRC, and DOE protocols are all built-in to the device software.

  • Three testing modes: screening, confirmatory, and combination (includes screening and confirmatory modes with a 15 minute wait between the two when required)
  • Carrying case to house all testing supplies
  • Portable design to allow for testing anywhere – both onsite and mobile
  • Optional keyboard (240D) for data entry – subject, operator, reason and type of test
  • Automatically adjusts for barometric pressure when using gas for calibration checks and adjustments
  • Applicable Markets: Employee Testing (DOT, Non-DOT, NRC, and DOE)

Electrochemical fuel cell

Fuel cell sensor is unaffected by acetone, paint and glue fumes, foods, confections, methane, and practically any other substance found in the human breath

Instrument Control
by microcontroller

Automatic after the subject meets minimum flow and volume requirements

Meets DOT specifications for breath alcohol readings. Accuracy at the levels of 0.020 and 0.040 BAC is within +- 0.005 BAC of the actual value.

Response Time
Within five seconds of sampling, depending on alcohol concentration

Backlit LCD graphics display

Audible Indicator
Beeper signals attention to changes in instrument status

Visual Indicator
Text messages and prompts on instrument display

Adjustment and checking by either dry gas or wet bath. Automatic barometric pressure sensing and compensation with dry gas.

Wireless communication with printer and optional keyboard via Bluetooth

Stores between 150-300 tests including test number, date, time and result. Operator and subject data are also stored when data entry is enabled and keyboard is activated. Actual number of stored tests varies based on data entry volume

Operating Temperature
23° to 104°F (-5° to 40°C) – automatically sensed and confirmed by instrument before proceeding with test

3 1/4″ wide X 1 3/4″ deep X 6 3/4″ high (sensor) (8.3 cm wide x 4.4 cm deep x 17.1 cm high)

Power Supply
Five “AA” alkaline batteries

Testing Protocols Supported
1) U.S. Department of Transportation regulated, 2) non-regulated, 3) Nuclear Regulatory Commission (HRC), 4) Department of Energy

User access to setup features that do not conflict with regulated protocols

Included with Each Instructment
Thermal printer with rechargeable battery and charger, two rolls long life thermal paper, 20 mouthpieces, operator handbook, storage case (provides extra space for testing forms, 28 liter gas cylinder and regulator)

Optional Accessories
Data management option with Bluetooth folding keyboard, 28 liter gas cylinder, regulator


Intoxilyzer 240 brochure

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