To ensure the highest level of accuracy with your breath alcohol testers, regular checks and calibrations need to be performed using a NIST traceable dry gas or wet bath standard approved for use by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). CMI offers a great selection of wet bath simulator solution to meet your calibration needs.

Why Buy Calibration Solution from CMI?

Using calibration solution from CMI will help you to obtain the most reliable and accurate performance from your breath alcohol testers. When you buy calibration solution from CMI, you can count on an NHTSA approved, quality product, as well as CMI’s great customer service, in-stock selection, and quick delivery.

Calibration Solution 0.040 BAC
500ml Wet Bath Simulator Solution 0.040 BAC
SKU: 014074
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Calibration Solution 0.080 BAC
500ml Wet Bath Simulator Solution 0.080 BAC
SKU: 014111
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Calibration Solution .100 BAC
500ml Wet Bath Simulator Solution .100 BAC
SKU: 014008
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