CMI training courses cover a wide range of training programs that review the operation and maintenance of Intoxilyzer instruments, and also provide training in US Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations. As the leading alcohol instrument educator/trainer in the industry, CMI has trained more than 15,000 law enforcement officials and breath alcohol technicians.

All of our training programs are DOT reviewed and approved! Our training options include:

CMI Intoxilyzer® breath alcohol testers are used by a majority of U.S. state testing programs for evidential DUI enforcement. Our breath alcohol testing products are also used extensively in safety-related workplace alcohol testing programs and in nuclear power plant employee testing in the U.S.

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CMI training courses are highly beneficial for law enforcement, corrections, school, and workplace training. Our programs are affordable, convenient, and effective. There is also an annual Intoxilyzer Users Group Meeting for additional training support. Contact us for more information.