Breath Alcohol Technician Instructor Training Course

This 16 hour course includes all the components of the Comprehensive Breath Alcohol Technician course in addition to an instructor training module.  The person attending this course will be trained as both a BAT and an Instructor of BATs.  Specifically, this course is intended for organizations that have a number of individuals to train and have determined in-house training to be the most cost effective.  The instructor training module includes the following:


1.  Advanced Preparation for Class

2.  Pre-Course Materials

3. Course Outline and Schedule

4.  Classroom Preparation

5.  Good Training Techniques

6.  Introduction to the Alcohol Rule

7.  Evidential Breath Testing (EBT) Methodology

8.  Instrument Features & Functions

9.  Setting Up the Instrument

10. Instrument Check

11. Donor Tests

12. Obstacles to Completing Tests

13. Disclosure of Information and Record Keeping

14. Certification

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