The Intoxilyzer® 600 Touch is fully automatic, highly accurate and yet simple to use. Results are displayed in seconds and full data entry can be performed on screen. The Intoxilyzer® 600 Touch appears on the NHTSA Conforming Products List of Evidential Breath Alcohol Measurement Devices. It has standard memory of over 5,000 test results and, with optional software packages, the 600 Touch can be connected to a PC for data download or to a compatible Bluetooth printer for immediate test result printouts.

  • Large Color Touch Screen
  • Data Entry
  • Multiple test modes / Automatic, Manual and Passive Sam
    • % BAC in Breath
    • Pass/Fail
    • Passive
  • Evidential Grade Accuracy
  • Simple Operation
  • Rugged Ergonomic Design
  • Tactile Feel Directional-Pad
  • Optional Printing Capability
  • Mini USB Port for Data Download

Electrochemical fuel cell which generates a voltage or current in proportional response to breath

Fuel cell sensor is unaffected by acetone, paint and glue fumes, foods, confections, methane, and practically any other substance found in the human breath.

Automatic after the subject blows for 4-6 seconds. Manual via touch screen or D-pad selection. Passive when utilizing a cup.

± .005 BrAC up to 0.100 BrAC and ± 5% above 0.100 BrAC

Response Time
The alcohol concentration is normally available within 20 seconds of testing (at 20°C (68°F) ambient temperature).

Reset Time
Immediate at zero alcohol reading, up to two minutes after a positive breath test

Touch –screen color graphics LCD display. Self-illuminated for use at night, trans micro-reflective, for high visibility in sunlight

Large on screen buttons or tactile feel D-Pad for easy navigation or data entry.

Audible Indicator
Beeper signals fault conditions and changes in instrument status.

Automated procedure by either dry gas or wet bath simulator.

Communications Port
Standard Micro USB to USB for PC interface

Operating Temperature Range
-5° to +45°C (23° to 113°F)

Power Supply
4 x AA alkaline batteries: yield over 1,000 tests.

Optional Printing
Bluetooth compatible printing to an approved printer.

non-volatile RAM stores over 5,000 test records, even when no power supply system is attached.

7.75 in tall x 3.25 in wide x 1.75 in deep (195mm tall x 80mm wide x 42mm deep)

Approximately 442g (including battery pack)

One year parts and labor.

Intoxilyzer 600

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