The Intoxilyzer® S-D5 is one of the most popular instruments in CMI’s complete line of breath alcohol screeners. At only 4¾” high x 2½” wide x 1¼” deep, the Intoxilyzer® S-D5 will get the job done without taking up lots of room. It’s small but packed with features and ready to use when you need it.

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  • Automatic sampling
  • Last test recall
  • Right- or left-hand use for officer safety
  • Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket
  • Large LED display
  • Fast, easy testing sequence
  • Quick instrument recovery time allows for testing to be done on several people within a short time
  • Portable for testing anywhere. No external electrical supply or battery chargers are needed.
  • Fuel cell sensor is accurate and reacts only to alcohol
  • DOT/NHTSA approved

Electrochemical fuel cell

Fuel cell sensor is unaffected by acetone, paint and glue fumes, foods, confections, methane, and any other substance found in the human breath.

Automatic after subject blows for 4-6 seconds. An override feature for manual sampling is provided.

Large, three-digit LED (9/16” x 5/16”)

Result of the last test is stored and can be recalled until the next test is taken.

Meets DOT specifications of ±.005 BrAC up to 0.100 BrAC and ±5% above 0.100 BrAC.

Response Time
Within five seconds of sampling.

Reset Time
Immediate at zero alcohol reading, (reset time after positive alcohol reading is dependent on BrAC level).

Audible Indicator
Beeper signals fault conditions and changes in instrument status.

Visual Indicator
LEDs are used for alpha prompting of the operator.

Instrument Control
By micro controller.

Recommended Operating Temperature
23° to 113°F (-5° to 45°C) internal temperature.

Automated procedure by either dry gas or wet bath simulator.

2½” wide x 4¾” high x 1¼” deep.

Power Supply
Two “AAA” batteries.

One year, parts and labor.


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