CMI, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of breath alcohol testing instruments in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. The company manufactures the Intoxilyzer® brand of evidential instruments using infrared spectrometry (IR) alcohol detection technology. The Intoxilyzer® instruments are used by a majority of U.S. state testing programs for evidential DUI enforcement. CMI also offers a complete line of handheld fuel cell instruments manufactured by both CMI, Inc. and Lion Laboratories Limited. CMI’s broad array of products is also used extensively in safety-related workplace alcohol testing programs and in nuclear power plant employee testing in the U.S. As the leading alcohol instrument educator/trainer in the industry, CMI has trained more than 15,000 law enforcement officials and breath alcohol technicians.

CMI is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company

CMI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MPD, Inc. located in Owensboro, Kentucky. MPD, Inc. is 100% employee owned through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, (ESOP). An ESOP is an employee benefit plan which makes the employees of a company owners of stock in that company.
What does that mean for our customers? In short, we try harder! Since we, the employees, own the company, we essentially report to ourselves and know that meeting the customers’ needs is the #1 way to meet our goals.

ESOP companies also mean stability. Employee-owned companies are known for their stewardship and take that extra step to market quality products and services at a fair price.

When you order from CMI, you’re purchasing the reliability of employee-owners who will be here today and tomorrow!

ESOP companies are on the rise.

  • In 1974, there were about 200 ESOPs in the U.S. Today, there are approximately 10,000 ESOPs in the United States with 10 million employee-owners. This is 10% of the American workforce.
  • About 1,000 ESOPs, or 10%, are in publicly-traded companies. These companies employ more than 50% of the nation’s employee-owners.
  • Approximately 1,500 ESOP companies are majority-owned by the employees.
  • Approximately 500 ESOP companies are 100% owned by the employees.
  • In 1992, U.S. ESOP companies owned $150 billion in corporate assets.

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